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Nature-based Infrastructures

Nature-based infrastructures such as living shorelines help communities enhance their coastal resilience, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) currently supports natural, nature-based, green infrastructure, and other related types of features as part of its statutory mandates to research, restore, support, and conserve natural resources.

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Living Shorelines Purpose

Many coastal communities have continuous challenges based on shoreline erosion. Living shorelines are estuarine shoreline erosion control which preserve native habitats and incorporate native vegetation. Living shorelines provide ecosystem services while also increasing shoreline resilience.

Living Shorelines Elements 

Living shorelines comprise various materials such as rocks, sand, and plants; additional materials such as oyster reefs, rock sills, natural fiber logs. Living shorelines involve using native marsh vegetation for erosion control, they may consist of only vegetation; their design often includes an offshore structure made up of natural fiber logs, rocks or oyster reefs.

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